About us

Friends for life.

The team of Bellfidel loves dogs and would love to support dog owners and dog professionals in giving our faithful four-legged friends a more active, comfortable and happy life. In order to achieve that, choosing the right products is a crucial decision. Dog products - shampoos, grooming tools, accessories and dog clothing - should always be suitable for animals and moreover should be able to adjust to every dogs individual needs.

Bellfidel offers only natural care products for dogs, first class professional grooming tools, not only pretty but practical dog clothing and high quality dog supplies. With our range of products we have completely dedicated ourselves to providing long term health and quality of life for our four-legged friends.

Our company’s philosophy is reflected in its name:

Bellfidel means to be cheeky and bark cheerfully (“bell”), despite being a well-groomed, happy and sportive dog (“fidel”)! 


With this goal in mind, we are active in the following areas:

  • Bellfidel is a wholesale partner for dog salon professionals, breeders and retail shops, which sell professional grooming tools as well as pet care products.
  • Bellfidel has its own online shop www.bellfidel.de. There you can find a wide variety of high quality, animal-friendly products for your darling dog. Our assortment includes dog clothes, collars & leashes, natural based skin care products, travel items, dog toys and many more. 
  • Bellfidel produces its own dog apparel, Bellfidel Outdoor, which was designed, developed and produced with a lot of know-how, creativity, love and passion for dogs.